Exploring the Benefits of PVC Wood Blinds Over Traditional Wood Option: Mandaluyong Project

PVC Wood Blinds Mandaluyong

It’s a refreshing take for anyone living in highly urbanized areas for their homes to have an earthly and natural look through indoor plants or decorations. The beauty of this is that aside from plants itself, wood-like appliances and decor are also available for the environment-friendly purposes. Take our model product, for example. The discourse about the use  of faux wood blinds versus real wood ones has been going for a really long time and this article will be another of those discussions. Today, we explore the benefits of our Mandaluyong installation of PVC wood blinds versus traditional wood options.

As established many times before, wood-like blinds made up of PVC resemble wood blinds in appearance but they differ in composition. Often, these faux wood blinds are made up of polyvinyl chloride and coated with high-tech polymer. These are the more affordable option and come in different colors, sizes and textures. The first benefit of these faux wood blind is that they are cheaper in price but offer the same earthly but elegant style to any interior. This alone makes its purchase cost-effective and economical. 

Because of its composition, these types of blinds are more moisture and dirt resistant. In more humid areas like kitchens and bathrooms, these are a good choice to go with. PVC wood blinds can withstand heat and moisture from those areas of the house and still maintain its quality. The sturdiness of these blinds prevent damage like scratches, dents and fading of the color or material. This way, it is also very durable and sustainable. 

In our Mandaluyong client’s purchase, they installed the blinds in their bathroom. The blinds are positioned near the bathtub and shower area. This is a good way of showing the functionality of faux wood blinds. It shows that they are good for cover and protection. Installing horizontal faux wood blinds guarantees their privacy, cover and protection from the inside. 

Speaking of functionalities, these blinds are also low maintenance and lightweight. Some can just use a moist cloth to wipe them down from time to time, and some can even be washed right away.  In terms of installation, these are easier to lift and use, especially on wide windows or patio doors. 

It is also essential to point out that our Mandaluyong installation of PVC wood blind went well with the original interior design. The brown faux wood blinds are a match with the wood-colored flooring and white walls. The installation created a cool ambiance and a spacious look for the space, making it conducive to style the room as either bedspace or receiving area.

Available colors of PVC wood blinds can be found in this link – https://www.carpet.com.ph/wood-blinds/foamwood-blinds/

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