Veiled Views: The Soft Touch of Roll Up Blinds – BGC Fort Bonifacio

Roll up BGC Fort Bonifacio

Bonifacio Global City or simply BGC in Taguig, Philippines is home to modern and upscale residential and commercial spaces. It is the epitome of contemporary and comfortable lifestyle and the area alone provides a lot of employment opportunities. These established, it can be inferred that BGC is both a busy place and a space where one can find rest. In this article, we shall explore our installation of roll up blinds for our BGC Fort Bonifacio client.

Roll up blinds are single-fabric covers with a chain or stick mechanism for easy adjustment. With these installed in urban areas, heat management, energy efficiency, privacy, cost-effectiveness and security are all guaranteed.

During these times when the heat index is rising at an alarming pace, heat management and proper ventilation is a must. Roll up blinds contribute to heat management because these help protect the appliances and furniture from extreme sunlight. One would only need to roll down the blinds to reduce the room’s heat gain and maintain a cooler atmosphere. Some roll up blinds have thinner fabrics, allowing room spacers to still have a glimpse of the views outside.

Roll-up blinds can potentially reduce utility or electricity costs by improving the energy efficiency of a room in a number of ways. By adding an additional layer of fabric between bed rooms or lounge areas and the window, an air pocket is formed, which functions as a barrier to slow down heat transport in both directions. Sunlight coming in through windows could increase temperature inside a unit during hot weather. By simply lowering the blinds, use of air conditioning could be monitored or even reduced, even during summertime. One could also opt for blinds made especially to be “solar shades” as these typically have a weave that filters light while still letting some light through.

It is no secret that there is less privacy in closely spaced structures such as condos commonly found in BGC. Roll-up blinds can be drawn for seclusion at any time of day or night, allowing privacy and security may it be for bed rooms or receiving areas. Roll-down shades made of sturdy materials, particularly for home units, can act as a physical barrier to keep people out.

The installation of roll up blinds for our Fort Bonifacio client proved to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. The purchase of roller blinds with thinner fabric allowed privacy and moderation of room temperature, which is helpful during the warmer season. Interestingly, the choice of roll up blinds also went well with the white furniture and appliances and complemented the hints of green, represented by our client’s indoor plants. Evidently, roll up blinds are the finishing piece to a cozy and pleasurable home.

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