Striking Light and Shade – How Combi Blinds Transform Any Room: Makati Project

Room Combination Blinds

In purchasing home decor, we would often find ourselves trying to maximize cost for an item that would provide both security and good ambiance for our chosen spaces. Fortunately, combi blinds offer a solution so clients would not have to solve the trade-off between security and good lighting. Today’s article presents the striking light, shade and transformation combi blinds provided to our Makati client.

As defined before, combi blinds are composed of opaque and sheer fabric that can be easily alternated according to customer preferences. These are usually in a single fabric slat, available in a variety of colors, sizes and textures. These types of blinds are a recent innovation which first emerged in the market of South Korea in the 90s. This may be why combi blinds are also called Korean blinds or zebra blinds. From then on, it became widely known and used throughout Asia. This is almost unsurprising given the many functions and aesthetics that combi blinds provide.

To start with the functionalities of today’s product, combi blinds are composed of both solid and translucent fabrics, allowing homeowners to have precision with their room light preferences. For a fresher, airy vibe, one would only need to adjust the fabric and have the sheer portion of the fabric overlap against one another. This allows more natural light which is good for gatherings or bondings during daytime. When one is working from home, more natural light reduces risks of eye strain and also creates a sense of openness and lightness even with workloads around.

Customers get the best of both worlds because with the blinds’ solid fabric, blocking light on movie nights and having security during private conversations are a breeze. The same step is done. One would only need to use the stick or cord mechanism to have the solid sheets overlap against one another. With just these simple steps, privacy is guaranteed. Having these blinds on bedrooms, bathrooms or office spaces are only some of the best ways to maximize the solid portion of combi blinds.

Combination Blinds

Our Makati client had the combi blinds installed for their large windows in the living room, dining area and even in the bedroom. From the photos alone, one can immediately see that the combi blinds did its job in providing protection from sunlight while providing a good amount of natural light and made the room look cooler and more welcoming. The blinds would also be able to provide shade for their furniture, preventing damage and deterioration. Because our client is in a highly urbanized area, protection and privacy are a priority. They made a good choice purchasing combi blinds for this purpose. 

Transformation is at its finest with combi blinds. Not only do they serve their intended purpose, they also significantly enhance the room. The choice of blinds blended well with the indoor plants, furniture and all the other earthly elements of our client. The light and shade in the room, with the help of combi blinds, are striking in purpose and in style.

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