Folding Doors as the Modern Divider in Home Design – Makati Project

Divider Makati

Makati City is home to Manila’s skyscrapers, upscale malls, entertainment hubs, luxury restaurants and hotels. As such, the place is also known as a ground for numerous employment opportunities. These established, it is reasonable to infer that a number of employees would choose to live within the vicinity. This is when our folding doors come in. We shall venture on folding doors as modern dividers to homes as installed for our Makati client.

Folding doors are gaining popularity because of their convenient use and space-saving attributes. One can surely maximize a space with these home tools. These doors are composed of overlapping panels hinged together in a way that they are allowed to open and close like an accordion. This is why folding doors are also known as bi-fold, accordion or concertina doors. These are made using a variety of materials and could be tailored to client’s preferences of architectural designs.

As mentioned, folding doors can be closed or opened depending on the needs of a room spacer. Because of this feature, one of the best attributes of a folding door is that it is space saving. Because folding doors could be compiled or folded on one side, the panels could be easily adjusted if clients want more breathable space. These folding doors are a great choice for smaller and more compact rooms.

In addition to this function, folding doors are also helpful in achieving more natural light, improved ventilation, and enhanced energy efficiency. Other types of bi-fold doors have wide glass panels that admit natural light into the space, providing a bright and spacious environment. This can help to lessen the demand for artificial lighting and improve the overall mood of the room. When fully opened, folding doors allow ideal airflow, which helps to ventilate a room and create a comfortable environment, especially during recent times where the weather is hotter than usual. High-quality folding doors are engineered to provide good insulation, limiting heat loss in the colder times and heat gain in the summer.

Our Makati client’s objective in installing folding doors is to divide their area into more than one space. A folding door is installed in the living room and another in one of the bedrooms. The installation proved effective for our client’s purpose because (1) the additional spaces could be used for leisure, rest and even work and (2) the folding doors purchased matched with the classy home aesthetics of our customer. And because Makati City is a lair to residential and commercial buildings, a folding door as a divider can be maximized not just for homes but for business purposes as well. 

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