Tips to Divide Your Rooms with Style Using PVC Folding Doors

Tips for dividing rooms using folding doors

For this article, we present some of the typical reasons for dividing rooms and tips on how to do it with style using folding doors.

Maximizing Cooling Effect of your Air-Conditioning Unit

There are good reasons why you might want to divide a big room into two smaller rooms.  One example is when you want to optimize the cooling effect of your air conditioning.  To minimize electricity consumption of your air conditioning one tip is to install a folding door.  By making your room smaller during sleeping hours your HVAC unit can cool your room faster and hence, lower your watts consumption.  During daytime, you can simply open the folding door to enjoy and maximize the large space of your room.

Tips dividing room with PVC folding doors


Another good reason to partition room such as the opening between your living room and kitchen is for privacy such as in the above mahogany deluxe folding door photo.  There are cases when you want to enjoy the TV show or movie in your living room while another family member is busy cooking.  Sometimes the smoke from the kitchen travel to the living room and spoils your relaxing moment.  In this case, a folding door can give family members in each room their privacy without disrupting each other.  When the divider is not needed anymore, simply push it on the side to give way to a bigger space.

Tips on dividing kitchen and living room

Concealment of Utility or Stock Room

Yet another reason a folding door divider is desirable is to conceal some junk in your stock room or utility room such as in the above photo.  The white folding door becomes a lovely decor that’s more pleasing to the eyes than the pile of tools exposed.

Dividing large office into two using folding doors

Partitioning of Function or Conference Room to Adapt to the Number of Participants

In offices, a folding door can be used to partition large rooms to accommodate two or more activities at the same time.  A function room or a conference room can be divided into two or even three parts to accommodate small or big number of participants of a seminar or group meetings.  These folding doors can utilize and manipulate spaces according to the current needs.  Again, when there’s a really big activity these doors can simply be pushed on the side to open the whole floor for the event.

Stylish way of dividing rooms using french folding door

As an Interior Decor that Adds Character to the Room

Our company also has a type of divider called the french type folding door wherein we can customize the panels to have see-through acrylic materials for functional or cosmetic reasons.  These french type doors is more visually appealing so that it can also be treated as a stylish interior decor that adds personality to the room.

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