Dark Colored Folding Door for Presentation and Meeting Rooms: Mandaluyong Installation

Dark colored folding door
Dark colored folding door

In today’s corporate world, conducting regular meetings and discussions is equally important as accomplishing individual goals. As everything else around us, company teams go beyond their office walls to conduct such activities. Take our Mandaluyong installation, for example, wherein our client’s large hall is divided into rooms to accommodate more people and maximize the space. Our dark colored folding door is the product making this happen and we will venture its installation through this blog.

Folding doors serve as a divider of one large space to create more and smaller rooms for whatever purpose a client wants to use it for. These types of doors are usually made of aluminum, vinyl and wood. They come in various sizes, colors and textures to accommodate different designs and themes of interiors. Because of such structure, folding doors are also the option for guaranteed security and privacy. Even when sharing the same space, the confidentiality required for the team discussions will be secured. Further, the privacy of those in the space will remain intact.

In addition to these functionalities, folding doors are also easy to maintain, are energy efficient and provide a variety of aesthetics. These low maintenance doors can be regularly cleaned with simply the use of cloth and water.  They are also energy efficient in a way that it can keep the cold and warm temperature in, which in turn, can help save utility bills. Further, with the expanding choices for interior designs, folding doors are sure to go with such evolutions and enhance the overall look of different rooms. 

Our Mandaluyong installation made use of dark folding doors to transform a large hall into presentation or meeting rooms. This is most helpful when a company with various teams opt to hold simultaneous meetings. The dark folding doors allow separation when separate groups have different agendas to discuss and when the need to group again as a whole team arises, they just need to push the panels and compile them to one side. 

In terms of aesthetics, the dark colors of such doors made it easier to design spaces. With darker shades, it is easier to match and contrast colors and even create a sense of intimacy and coziness for room spacers. It also allows clients to be freer with designs, meaning, they can choose the classic elegant look or opt for a more modern or minimalist approach. In other words, these doors, design-wise, can be timeless. In our installation, the dark colors of the folding doors went well with the furniture chosen for the meeting rooms.

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