LOSA Bright Colored Korean Blinds – Makati Office Installation

Bright colored korean blinds

A comfortable and neat environment influences employee productivity. An office space, for example, should be clean and conducive for working. One way to achieve this is to create an ambiance which can enhance employees’ mood, encourage creative thinking, sharpen focus, and offer the right amount of relaxation. Luckily, for our Makati client, we have the type of blinds just for these purposes! Featured in this blog is our LOSA bright colored Korean blinds installed for the work space of our customer.

LOSA Korean blinds have a reputation for being high-quality combi blinds. Like all other combi shades, these blinds have alternating sheer and solid fabrics which allow flexible light intake. Clients can adjust the fabrics through a certain mechanism and have the solid parts overlap one another for a full coverage and protection from light outside. On the other hand, they could also adjust the sheets to be alternating with one another for a more diffused but natural room lighting. Clients would not have to worry about privacy and eye strain because their LOSA blinds purchase allows them to have the best of both worlds!

These Korean blinds are also customizable. They come in a wide range of sizes and textures and as highlighted in this article, colors! This would allow consumers to purchase according to their interiors and preferences. LOSA blinds are also known to be durable so customers can be assured that their purchase is cost effective at the very least.

Our Makati client had bright violet LOSA blinds installed for their office. Choosing a bright color for an office space can be perceived as a bold choice but one could never really go wrong with Korean blinds. Aside from the functional benefits discussed above, being surrounded by shades of violet could directly help employees in their work!

Violet is linked to intuition and creativity in problem-solving situations. According to studies, it can encourage an environment of nobel thoughts and “out of the box” thinking, which makes it a smart option for conference spaces or brainstorming rooms in the workplace. This color combines red and blue, creating a good balance between tranquility and stimulation. This can be useful in group work environments when concentration and creativity are required.

Clients wouldn’t have to worry about having more choices. Our LOSA Korean blinds come in other bright and calmer shades of blue, green, yellow, gray, orange, jade, pink, and red. All these and more in this site: https://www.carpet.com.ph/combi-blinds/combi-group-1a/losa-natural-n500/.

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