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Venetian Blinds : Timeless decor

With today’s fast-paced environment, keeping up with trends may be a little tedious and stressful. As consumers, we tend to avoid those circumstances by being wise with our choices and purchases. Take home decor, for example. We know we need to keep in touch with what is contemporary but we want to execute our home designs  in an efficient and effective way. This leads customers to buy timeless and versatile products that allow them to customize and maintain character in their home decor. Hop on because in this article, we will be discussing the benefits of venetian blinds for various window types and as installed for our BGC Taguig client. 

Venetian blinds as we have encountered before, consist of horizontal slats that are adjustable according to our light intake preferences. While providing full coverage, these blinds also allow users a full view of their external surroundings, one just have to use a chain or stick mechanism to adjust the panels. As we can observe from our installation, the venetian blinds are composed of thinner panels that allow a wonderful view of the city for the client to enjoy. 

On and forward to elaborate on venetian blinds. For regular rectangular windows, these venetian blinds can be purchased in various sizes that match the cut of the said windows. This would allow homes or offices to be decorated in a formal, elegant manner. Venetian blinds are also a good choice for bay windows. These are protruding types of windows that can consist of three or more sections. Venetian blinds can be installed separately per section or can be customized to have a curved or adjustable mechanism to accommodate the size of the bay windows. 

Aside from those, customers can also find that venetian blinds can be customized to match their high, small or larger windows.  For high windows, a more advanced or electronic mechanism may be required but nevertheless, venetian blinds can be cut-up for such. Buying blinds with thinner or narrower slats can be an effective way of installing these coverings for small bathroom or kitchen windows. Meanwhile, customers can also opt for venetian blinds with bigger or broader panels for larger windows or patio doors for a smooth finish for their interior. 

The versatility of venetian blinds doesn’t stop there because they can also be customized for irregular shaped windows. May the windows be arched or tilted, venetian blinds can be tailored to accommodate different shapes and angles. 

The cozy but timeless impression for our BGC Taguig client is because of our Pearl Alabaster venetian blinds.

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