Which is more Beneficial, Carpet Tile or Carpet Roll?

Carpet Tile Installed
Carpet Tile Installed

Carpet roll and tiles have been one of the most selectable and usable floor covering by many. They choose carpet since it’s one of the trusted and well proven floor covering ever made. Carpet has also something that no other flooring can ever have and it’s the soft footing that only carpet can provide. The question is which is better, carpet tile or carpet roll?

Here are some of the different advantages of both carpet tile and roll:

Carpet Tile Advantages

  • Carpet tile has an exact size which is 50cm x 50cm, delivered through boxes, which make it very handy for the customer.
  • Very easy installation. The only thing you need is adhesive and carpet tiles.
  • Carpet Tile is a wise choice in the long run because if there’s a time that one tile is damage, only that specific part can be replaced and no need to change the entire flooring, saving you a lot of money.
  • It can also give you the freedom to design your own floor by combining different patterns and colors you want because you can easily choose different carpet tiles in one room.

Carpet Roll Advantages

  • In maintaining cleanliness, carpet roll has the advantage since it doesn’t have spaces like tiles that dirt can be stuck inside the gaps.
  • In Carpet Roll, it is easier to find a beautiful design for your floor because it has a variety of choices. All you have to do is to choose the suitable one for you since it already has its own design, making your life easier.
  • It also produces a softer and warmer footing for your feet because of carpet underlay foam.
  • Carpet Roll is also the most inexpensive flooring that will give your place a perfect touch to make it beautiful.
Carpet Roll Installed
Carpet Roll Installed

One of our clients in Hulo, Mandaluyong City preferred to have carpet flooring rather than ceramic tile because of unbeatable advantages it brings.

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