PVC Folding Door as a Wall Partition Installed in San Pablo Laguna

PVC Folding Door Installed in San Pablo Laguna
PVC Folding Door Installed in San Pablo Laguna

San Pablo Laguna here in the Philippines is also known for having a cool climate because it is nestled in the foothills of three mountains – Mount Banahaw, Mount Makiling and the Sierra Madre Mountain. These mountains do not only serve as an attraction for tourism, but also provide clean and fresh air.  San Pablo Laguna is also famous because it is rich in coconut, lanzones and rambutan, which most of the Filipino’s favorite.

Our client who lives in San Pablo Laguna, Philippines ordered folding door as a wall partition in their living room and dining area. They chose mahagony color because it resembles the color of real wood, which can add nature effect in their home. Folding doors are very easy to control because it is made in light materials called PVC. Having a PVC folding door is more practical than buying a real wood door because PVC folding door is cheaper, but its durability is incomparable.

Folding Door Deluxe - Mahogany
Folding Door Deluxe – Mahogany

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