Blinds Philippines – we are a supplier of a wide variety of window blinds, roller blinds, venetian blinds, PVC vertical blinds, fabric blinds, and combi-blinds. We also supply carpet, wallpaper, and folding doors.

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Our store, DS Windows and Walls Interior Supply, focuses on end-to-end service to our customers, from free estimate and quotation to free delivery and installations.  Our mission is to provide a positive experience to our customers and help them with their window treatment projects with ease and get the best value for their money.

We have a wide variety of blinds and shades for you to choose from.  Just give us a call, text or email us so we can schedule you a site visitation and our friendly staffs will show you our window blinds samples and swatches.

You can call us at (02) 403-3262 / (02) 668-9668 or fax at (02) 893-1373.  Text us at 0916-311-3909.  Or email us at

For Makati, Manila, Taguig, Pasay, Las Pinas, Paranaque and other nearby areas visit our store at the 4th Level of Waltermart Center Makati City.

For Quezon City, Pasig, Marikina, Cainta and other nearby areas visit our store at the 3rd Level of Robinsons Metro East, Pasig City.

For Batangas, Cavite, Laguna area, you may also call Globe 0917-583-0214 or Sun 0922-592-6111 or 0908-989-4676 look for Patrick Villapando.

For Quezon area, you may also call 0932-373-2050 look for Jing Libardo.

Please see also our contact page and our facebook page at

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You’re single and living in your own apartment might be the happiest time for someone who’s starting to be an independent person. Having your own pad and living alone with no parents to lecture you and setting your own rules is maybe the coolest place. But living the single life doesn’t mean your apartment motif will be left behind unnoticed, especially for a bachelor who’s not particularly interested in designing.

One of the great and simple ways to keep your bachelor or bachelorette space friendly for both female and male friends are to combine rich elements alongside softer ones. Whether you wanted to create a mature singles apartment look or simply want to show off a professional lifestyle, organizing starts with choosing the right color palette, suitable furniture and perfect home design that will fit to your personality.

fabric vertical blinds bachelor bachelorette apartment makati Fabric Vertical Blinds for Bachelor or Bachelorettes Apartment   Makati City

Fabric Vertical Blinds for Bachelor or Bachelorette's Apartment - Makati City

For this featured bachelor pad they prefer to use neutral tone colors.  The combination of modern and dark furniture with clean line details can help bring masculine look. Your apartment doesn’t have to be boring or filled with decoration to make it stylish and updated.  You can make it soft while still maintaining manliness by adding a little texture like suede and leather, like for your couch, that will add interest to your design.

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Many home owners want to feel like they live in a serene and peaceful home that’s why they find a lot of ways to make this a reality. Our client from Tayabas Quezon has a new house and they chose to create a traditional and romantic home theme. Their ideal design is to create a soothing atmosphere, away from the busy life and one that promotes intimacy and love in their house, especially that the owner of the house is newly married couple. Designing a house isn’t all about beautifying a home, but also reflecting and connecting on how the people lives in their home. Since the owner of the house is a newly married couple and just starting to live together they decided to create a traditional and romantic theme home.

wood blinds white brown living room tayabas quezon ph Mahogany Wood Blinds For Traditional and Romantic Living Room   Tayabas Quezon

Mahogany Wood Blinds for Traditional Romantic Living Room - Tayabas Quezon

To accomplish the traditional and romantic theme for your home you need to choose the right color, sizes and texture of all the materials and furniture as well as how you put it into the right places. A romantic home interior is a traditional calming style that charms our senses through soft color palettes, paintings or simply vintage and romantic pieces of furniture’s or figurines. Romantic interior does not mean you have to make a romantic setting everyday it is all about the mood in your home; you can start by simply choosing the right window coverings, home paint, furniture’s, accessories and lightnings.

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The concept of the idea of creating a good design office isn’t new knowledge in designing your working place, although you need to consider the business type you have. Our client owns a law firm and they need to consider that their line of work is continually changing in the way legal work is developed and done. The speed of change is driving the creation faster, more agile law firms are produced and in the future, legal work will be accomplished in a different way. Work will be managed much better, more collaborative, more transparent and focused more on the client. That’s why the design of the office should be always looking forward, flexible to the rapid changes and technology enabled.

roller shades law firm workplace las pinas philippines Fresh New Look Using Roller Shades for Modern Law Firms   Las Piñas City Installation

Roller Shades for the Law Firm Office - Las Piñas City

Fresh new modern office design that can adopt rapid changes is what our client in Las Piñas City trying to achieve in their new law firm place.  They mix old and new ideas that end up as unique modern theme law firm with a fascinating blend of natural wood material as a main source of motif. Our client chooses to use natural dark wooden wall, floor and other furniture that creates a strong impact in the overall appearance that also express a look luxury that dominates modern design trends today. The natural wood element can represent a contemporary atmosphere in design, bringing a unique furniture piece into a creative and original interior design for office.

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This year 2015 is the year of Wood Sheep in Chinese zodiac and good Feng Shui interior decorating ideas can help bring wealth and good energy for your family.  In order to attract good luck this year use lucky colors for home interior base on good Feng Shui color that’s suitable for the Wood Sheep.  As the experts say this will increase your good fortune for the whole year.

duo shade blinds feng shui decorating ideas 2015 manila philippines1 Duo Shade Blinds For Feng Shui: Ideas to Attract Luck and Energy for 2015   Manila, Philippines

Duo Shade Blinds For Feng Shui Decorating Ideas - Manila Philippines

According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui masters, color is a kind of energy and that lucky colors can help you bring prosperity and good health to people depending on what zodiac the year is (e.g. 2015 is the year of Wood Sheep).  And base on the Feng Shui experts 2015 is the Year of the Wood element, so your interior decorating ideas need to be in harmony with the energy of the year which is natural wood colors, from light brown to dark with any brown shades color.  You can also combine it with all other neutral colors to create comforting and welcoming home interiors for bedrooms, living room and kitchen.

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Windows are one of the most important structures in a house. It’s an opening in a wall of a building for the sole purpose of admission of sunlight, air and to add architectural decoration. Windows also improve features e.g. different shape and style of the house.  They can also be bigger and wider and can have different color of glass. They progress to be much better in accommodating our needs and give as more an artistic appeal and superior functionality like our client in Bagong Ilog, Pasig City needed and she choose to install bay window in her room.

mini venetian blinds bay window bagong ilog pasig philippines Mini Venetian Blinds Timeless for Bay Window   Bagong Ilog, Pasig City Philippines

Mini Venetian Blinds Minimize The Light that Strikes through your Bay Window - Pasig City, Philippines

Bay windows can enhance the appearance of a room from the inside and out. Bay windows are characteristically curved where there is a fixed window in the middle and more windows angled on either side of the middle one. These windows extend beyond outwards from the building structure and in return create an interior corner for an extra area inside the room. It’s attractive and classy window in fact Victorian motif room usually use bay window because of it help make the room appear more dreamy and wonderful that most of us wanted to have.

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Nowadays parents can easily find out the gender of their unborn child with the use of new technologies. And most people prefer to know it as soon as possible so they have more time to prepare when the baby is born like buying for baby clothes, decorating baby’s room and more. But the thing is it also somehow reduces the excitement and amazing experience in meeting your baby for the first time especially for those first time parents like our client in Bacoor Cavite.

wood pvc blinds baby room bacoor cavite1 Faux Wood Blinds For Grey White Baby Room – Bacoor Cavite

Faux Wood Blinds for Grey White Baby Room - Bacoor Cavite, Philippines

Most of the first time parents prepare to wait for the day of the delivery to know whether it’s a son or a daughter. It’s like part of the journey of the unknown and a lifetime commitment within the family. It’s a fun; special and one of lifetime experience that’s why, like our client, choose to embrace and welcome the unfamiliar new chapter in their lives in welcoming their child.

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When it comes to designing your working place there’s a lots of different factors that you need to consider. The first thing you need to consider is the kind of business you have whether you offer services, selling product, trading, retail or distribution, etc.  For one of our client in Makati City which is a Spa Salon they offer services such as health and beauty treatments and the main goal is to give relaxation thru massage and exercise equipment to their customer. That’s why it’s very important to provide a comfortable, soothing and welcoming atmosphere in their workplace.

pvc vertical blinds installed palanan makati philippines PVC Vertical Blinds Installed in A Spa Salon at Makati City Philippines

PVC Vertical Blinds for Spa Salon - Palanan, Makati City

The appearance of any establishment inside and outside has a high impact to a business particularly to those that are offering service such as Spa Salon where relaxation is the main motivation to their customer. In entering a spa your client must feel the comforting atmosphere of the place and feel at ease immediately.

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Every window cover have different kinds of specialties, each has distinct kind of beauty, the privacy it offers, degree of heat insulation, and many more.  That is why when choosing for your window cover always keep in mind of the criteria that you’re looking for and research for the perfect window cover that matches best with your criteria.  Are you looking for the best window cover that offers the most privacy?  Or do you prefer the best one that insulates heat?  Are you looking for the ones that offers the best look that matches your interior design while sacrificing some of the privacy and insulation?

blackout roller shades bedroom cool season bgc taguig philippines Blackout Roller Shades Warms Your Bedroom During Cool Season   Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Philippines

Blackout Roller Shades Warms your Bedroom in Cool Season - BGC, Taguig

One of our clients in Bonifacio Global City Taguig chooses to install blackout roller shades for his bedroom’s window cover.  Firstly one of the requirements of the condominium where he lives is strictly only white window cover facing outside are allowed and bright colors are prohibited.  Secondly his priorities is heat insulation, one that gives warmth during cool season and one that cools the bedroom during hot season. 

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Living in a place with a beautiful surrounding is always an advantage and a positive thing. Like one of our clients in Fairview Quezon City who bought a new townhouse with the advantage of gorgeous surroundings. Her room window is facing the sunset with a vast surrounding giving her a lovely sunset view every day.

fabric vertical blinds townhouses sunset view fairview quezon city philippines Fabric Vertical Blinds For Townhouses with Lovely Sunset View   Fairview Quezon City, Philippines

Fabric Vertical Blinds for Townhouses with Lovely Sunset View - Fairview Quezon City

Her window with a view is the best feature of her room, the stunning sunset view that gives our client a peaceful ambiance and the beautiful nature surrounding that contributes a fresher look in her room is what made her bedroom breath taking. Sunset is always an amazing and a magnificent view that our client wants to see every day through her windows, but she also needs a window cover for her privacy and sun protection. That’s why she needed a window treatment that both can let her see the outside view while blocking the sun’s heat that can damage the furniture if expose too much.

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Small space design can always be a big challenge for any designer or home owners. The limited space is one of the biggest obstacles in designing your bedroom that somehow restricts you in doing what you want in your room. In selecting your furniture you always have to consider every little thing you will choose because of the small area of your room.

combi blinds small bedroom paranaque philippines Combi Blinds: Invite A Soothing Ambiance To Your Small Bedroom   San Isidro, Parañaque City Philippines

Invite A Soothing Ambiance to Your Bedroom with Combi Blinds - Parañaque City, Philippines

One of things that you can do to beautify your room and help to make it look spacious is installing more windows in your room because of the natural light; it helps to give lots of airy atmosphere to your room. Soothing color like light or bright color is also more efficient than dark types in enhancing the feeling of space. Our client in San Isidro, Parañaque City also has a small room and she chooses to use bright color like a white wall and some of the furniture’s.

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