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Our store, DS Windows and Walls Interior Supply, focuses on end-to-end service to our customers, from free estimate and quotation to free delivery and installations.  Our mission is to provide a positive experience to our customers and help them with their window treatment projects with ease and get the best value for their money.

We have a wide variety of blinds and shades for you to choose from.  Just give us a call, text or email us so we can schedule you a site visitation and our friendly staffs will show you our window blinds samples and swatches.

You can call us at (02) 403-3262 / (02) 668-9668 or fax at (02) 893-1373.  Text us at 0916-311-3909.  Or email us at

For Makati, Manila, Taguig, Pasay, Las Pinas, Paranaque and other nearby areas visit our store at the 4th Level of Waltermart Center Makati City.

For Quezon City, Pasig, Marikina, Cainta and other nearby areas visit our store at the 3rd Level of Robinsons Metro East, Pasig City.

For Batangas, Cavite, Laguna area, you may also call Globe 0917-583-0214 or Sun 0922-592-6111 or 0908-989-4676 look for Patrick Villapando.

For Quezon area, you may also call 0932-373-2050 look for Jing Libardo.

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Your master bedroom should be considered a sanctuary because it is the kind of place where you restore all your energy.  A master bedroom should have an ambiance or theme where you can relax peacefully and comfortably. Comforting in a way that you’re not having trouble to get in and out in your bed or changing your bed sheets without hassle.  It is also important that it is free from clutter or unwanted objects or decor that might interfere with your rest and calming of the mind.

inside mount aluminum venetian blinds master bedroom pasig city philippines Inside Mounted Venetian Blinds For a Clean Look Of Your Masters Bedroom   Pasig City Philippines

Inside Mount Aluminum Venetian Blinds For Master's Bedroom - Pasig City, Philippines

Window covering is also important because it’s used to block the unwanted light and views; it also produces a calm ambiance in your master bedroom by adjusting it depending on your mood. Our client from Pasig City has a very spacious master bedroom. Our client decided not to add too much furniture to preserve the clean and spacious look of their bedroom.

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Different shapes and styles of windows like bay window is a great creation in architectural perspective. A bay window with curve also known as bow window is designed to build a space by projecting beyond the exterior wall of a building, and to offer a broader view of the surrounding and usually combine by four or more casement or glass windows, which connect together to form an arc shape. Bow windows also offer benefits not only in the interior, but also on the exterior of the house. From outside, adding dimension, and style of bow windows offers a traditional feel with a modern touch.

sunscreen roller blinds curve window mandaluyong philippines Sunscreen Roller Blinds For Condo Unit With Curve Window   Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Sunscreen Roller Blinds For Condo Unit Curve Window - Mandaluyong City

It’s a favorite of many to add bay or bow windows in their house because it can add a dramatic effect that turns a simple room into something great and regarded as the epitome of class and luxury like our client in Mandaluyong City who bought a condominium unit and one of her reasons is that her room have bow window.

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Every home has a different architectural design that makes them unique and choosing windows that match this design is the first step in beautifying your own place. There’s a lot of ways in decorating your windows and one of them is installing window frames. Window frames are available in a variety of materials involving aluminum, wood and vinyl. This material can affect the motif of your house.  Wood window frame is much more suited in traditional house just like our client in Nuvali, Laguna who chooses the wood window frame for her bedroom.

wooden blinds mounted inside decorated window nuvali laguna Wooden Blinds Mounted Inside a Decorated Window Frame   Nuvali, Laguna Philippines

Wooden Blinds Mounted Inside Window Frame - Nuvali Laguna, Philippines

The color and style of your window frames also hold a great significance in the interior look of your house. When you use a trim color for your wall like white you may blend it with darker colors like dark brown for your window frame to make two tone accent colors that looks good together. For a finishing touch choose a window treatment that greatly suits with your window frame and motif.

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A building higher than 12 floors is defined as high rise building also known as a skyscraper. It is  popularly seen when living in the city or for commercial places like Bonifacio Global City which is the business district of Taguig City. It’s also known for its highly urbanized district in Metro Manila with a high number of skyscrapers. Many Filipinos business people and multinational corporations have bought properties and have committed to transfer their global, regional or national headquarters in the business district in The Fort like our client.

pvc vertical blinds high rise commercial space bgc taguig philippines High Rise Commercial Space With PVC Vertical Blinds   Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Philippines

High Rise Commercial Space with PVC Vertical Blinds - Bonifacio Global City

Our client has just recently moved into their new office with a wall to wall window design which is the popular chic signature of a high rise building. It’s a common design of a building nowadays to surround the building with window wall glass because it’s one of the characteristic of luxury and follows the fashion trend with the advantage of having a beautiful view of the city.  This type of building design also has its drawback and one of its common problems is the sunlight and the heat issue that penetrate through the windows that cause of the discomfort of the people in the room and fading of some of the furniture. Using window treatments like blinds you can resolve the problem with sunlight and heat.

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Living room is the most functional area in the house, this is the very first place that guests and family members gather hence living room serves as the front liner of your home. So it is important to make your living room bright, elegant, and perhaps design with something unusual that can amaze your visitors and leave a good impression to your living room and the rest of your home. Minimalist is one of the best and modern ways of designing your home and below are samples of minimalist design for the living room. The pictures below was one of the clients from Valle Verde, Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines.

minimalist living room combi blinds dasmarinas cavite philippines Minimalist Living Room Design with Combination Blinds at Valle Verde Dasmariñas Cavite, Philippines

Minimalist Living Room Design with Combination Blinds - Valle Verde, Dasmariñas Cavite

The concept of a minimalist design is that less is better.  As you can see our client choose white colors for the wall because neutral colors can help for the best effect. They also selected geometrical furniture like their sofa to enhance more their minimalist theme for their living room. Proper lighting is also needed for a minimalist style, having a proper lighting will make your living room looks bigger.

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Roller Blinds are a consistently popular choice of many because of its flawless and smart control mechanism which is easy and accurate upward and downward adjustment of the fabric. It also has a reputation of sophisticated look that makes it so well-liked. The continuing popularity can also be fairly credited by the two different types of fabric which are sunscreen and blackout roller blinds and most recently the new double mechanism.

double mechanism roll up blinds california garden square mandaluyong Double Mechanism Roller Blinds: Installation at Madaluyong City Philippines

Double Mechanism Roll Up Blinds For Your Condo Unit - Mandaluyong City

Double mechanism has the same function and movement as the normal one, but the new feature of this clever new type of roller blind design is that it has another roller tube in one set of panel which means that you can use two different types of fabric in one mechanism. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds and combine sunscreen blinds with blackout in one unique bracket.

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Our bedroom is a private space of our home so it is important to decorate it properly in order to turn your bedroom into a stress free atmosphere. However, most bedrooms have small or limited space especially condo units that’s why decorating it is a bit of a challenge. Our client who owns a condo unit in Las Pinas City Philippines is the one featured in this blog. They chose to inside mount their faux wood blinds primarily to maximize space.

inside mounting faux wood blinds bedroom awning window Inside Mounting of Faux Wood Blinds For Limited Space Bedroom   Las Piñas City, Philippines

Inside Mount Faux Wood Blinds For Limited Space Bedroom - Las Piñas City

There are few cases wherein there is no option but to only inside or outside mount a blind because of some unique configuration of the window frames or due to some fixed obstructions.  Other than that the decision of whether to inside or outside mount a blind is mostly a matter of preference.  For limited space or room and if the window frame permits it’s advisable to make a window blind inside mounting to maximize space.

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One way to create a bold and unique appearance for your living room is to experiment with the furniture, materials and texture. If you are bold enough and you just can’t stand an ordinary living room, but you wanted to make something unique and new, then you ought to create something extraordinary, fresh and out of the box idea. Our client in Makati City makes a captivating, lively and modernistic living room with the help of Aluminum Venetian Blinds and Sunscreen Roller Shades.

roller venetian blinds living room makati philippines Roller Shades and Venetian Blinds For A Captivating Living Room   Makati City, Philippines

Roller and Venetian Blinds For Captivating Living Room - Makati City

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There are many techniques on how to maximize a small office space such as getting rid of the clutter to really define your office space.  You may want to invest on wireless network connections instead of cables to lessen the cluttering of wires on the floor that is unsightly and makes a room a bit crowded.  Another important one is to only buy office furniture that has the correct sizes appropriate to your small office and buy only the right quantity i.e. not too much but enough for your staffs that can also accommodate a few visitors.  Clean white and simple designs can also make a small office less crowded.

While all of the mentioned techniques can maximize your small office space, finding the correct window blinds is important and is a major contributor for increasing the perception of space.  For this, a good choice is PVC vertical blinds since it creates a taller floor-to-ceiling height.

Just like our client located in Eastwood Quezon City, Philippines, they chose PVC vertical blinds over other types such as wood and roller blinds to create a taller office.  They chose a white PVC vertical blinds to promote a clean, simple and straight forward office space.

small office space pvc vertical eastwood Maximize A Small Office Space Using PVC Vertical Blinds   Eastwood, Quezon City

Maximize A Small Office Space Using PVC Vertical Blinds: Quezon City

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Teenager or adolescent stage usually starts at the age of 13; in this stage they will experience many changes in physical, emotional and social development. During this stage, teenagers also change their habits, their character, likes and dislikes. They are also more active in social activities together with their group of friends rather than their families. Sometimes teenagers try to be independent in some things like in deciding on what clothes that they should wear or buy, they also enjoy the freedom of deciding what design they should do in their place like their bedroom.

blackout rollr blinds teenage room mandaluyong Blackout Roller Blinds Installed in Teenage Girls Bedroom   San Jose, Madaluyong City, Philippines

Blackout Roller Blinds installed in Teenage Girls Bedroom: Mandaluyong City

Just like our clients from San Jose, Mandaluyong City, they have a teenage daughter that frequently sleeps late at night and gets up early in the afternoon.  That’s why their daughter opted for blackout roller blinds.  What’s unique in this installation is that this is not your ordinary roller blackout since this falls under price group 2 – Regent R9090 series that is thicker than usual and the fabric has a richer texture.

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