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Blinds are commonly used as window covering to provide privacy from the outside world and also to block the unwanted sunlight that entering the room. It can also be an additional decorative piece to add color, texture and character to a room and enhance its appearance. However, blinds can also be used in different matters like what our client did in their Venetian Blinds that installed their office.

Office Privacy with Venetian Blinds

Office Privacy with Venetian Blinds

Aluminum Venetian Blinds are one of the oldest window blinds available in the market that is still popular up to today in both residential and commercial places. It’s well-known for its durability, inexpensiveness and great functionality.  It’s also available in different color and design to complement any types of room motif from the traditional to trendiest design – venetian blinds can be used and be able to stand out. Venetian Blinds are also very flexible it can fit any small and large windows easily.

When it comes to window treatments, there’s a lot of choice to choose from but the vertical blinds remain the most popular as simple, efficient and economical solutions for a variety of windows whether it’s small or large. There are many different reasons why people choose to use vertical blinds. First is to reduce or block sunlight from entering through your window and heating up the room. The second motive is providing privacy inside your home from the prying eyes of your neighbors. And, lastly vertical blinds can be a beautiful decoration to your home that provides an illuminated area that can contribute interest to any room.

Fabric vertical difference with PVC vertical

Fabric vertical difference with PVC vertical

With the popularity and good qualities of vertical blinds it’s natural that different type of materials are manufactured to give diversity to the customers to choose from and the most popular are the PVC and fabric vertical blinds. Both PVC and Fabric Vertical have the same mechanism that’s easy to manipulate, but when it comes with advantages and disadvantages they have some difference in some aspects.

You might think your storage room isn’t very important.  It’s just a place where you can hide the things you don’t need but don’t want to throw away and store stuff that are only needed in special occasions such as Christmas decoration, extra chair and table for the parties and more.  Actually, this is the very reason your storage room is so important.  A lot of people would love to have an extra room to store things that are rarely used and with that particular extra room you can have the choice to hide things in a safe place rather than throwing them away or leave them scattered everywhere.  Although storage room is important and useful, it is always left looking unsightly, unappealing, sometimes even messy.  And because it’s a place where you hide stuff is precisely the reason people prefer it be left unseen, out of sight or invisible if not needed.

Storage Room with Style

Creating Storage Room with Folding Doors

Our client who is just fortunate to have an extra room turned it into a storage room, but, unlike the typical storage room that we usually see our client want to make it as stylish and well organize same as the other room of the house.  Firstly, our client starts with a stylish door type something beautiful and at the same time efficient starting from the outdoors just like folding doors.

There are lots of business types ranging from general trading types to different offered services so office interiors should be aligned to the nature of the business.  There are offices that feels very practical and straight-forward such as those office back-ends like finance and accounting, logistics, HR, etc. that are usually analytical in nature.  However, there are also offices that demands creativity to their talents.  These offices usually are into advertisements, publishing, writing, arts, websites, etc.

Brick Style Wallpaper for a Creative Office - East Avenue, Quezon City

Brick Style Wallpaper for a Creative Office – East Avenue, Quezon City

For offices like this it is important that their working space promotes creativity.  You wouldn’t want to put plain and boring interior for creative minds as this will not be engaging to them that translates to poor productivity. 

It’s important to start your day right starting from the time you wake up.  However, saying that is a different matter in actually doing it.  Most of us would probably choose morning as the most annoying part of the day, especially if you’re up all night and you just get a short time to sleep.  Just the idea of leaving your bed from a promising great and restful sleep because the sun is up and it’s already morning means the start of another busy day can really be frustrating.  Although there’s a lot of things that can help you to start your day with a good vibe like designing your bedroom that can easily brighten up your day.

Brighten Your Day and Bedroom with Duo Shade Blinds - Batangas City

Brighten Your Day and Bedroom with Duo Shade Blinds – Batangas City

The bedroom is the place we spend most of our time from waking up to sleeping yet also the most overlooked when it comes to designing.  Every day our bedroom is the first and last thing we see before we start and end the day, that’s why we become accustomed to whatever our room looks like.

The Wood Blinds collection is one of the most popular window cover that provides the beauty and warmth of wood into your homes. It can give an inviting look to any décor from traditional, Zen up to the modern home design. It’s suitable in every room of the house and even in any commercial establishment it is guaranteed to provide a stylish and sophisticated look because wooden blinds have a unique charm that can enhance any surroundings. Like our client in Parañaque City who opted for wood blind in their family room window cover that help to enhance their overall home design.

Classic Wooden Blinds with Matching Carpet Tiles at a Family Area - Parañaque City

Classic Wooden Blinds with Matching Carpet Tiles at a Family Area – Parañaque City

Our client not only purchased wooden blinds from our company, but also ordered carpet tiles for the floor covering that beautifully match their window treatments and other furniture in their family room. Our client’s family room can easily be distinguished as contemporary design with the combination of colorful chair and unique style.

Nowadays, more and more single men and women are choosing to live in a studio type pad rather than small apartments because of various benefits.  The upside of a studio type unit condominiums (compared to bungalow type apartments) are the amenities which includes swimming pools, gym, lobby, and other recreational areas among others.  Another major benefit is of course a tighter security and maintenance services.  On the downside a studio type pad is usually small, just like that of our client in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Owning a single studio pad comes with limited space which means you also have a restriction when it comes to designing your place.  It’s a discouraging task in the beginning because you need to find a way to accommodate different activities that’s necessary in your home such as cooking, a place for watching TV and eating, a space where you can accommodate a guest and a comfortable space where you’re going to sleep.  This is where your creative mind and ideas is needed to make it work.

Roller Blinds for Single Studio Type Pad -Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Roller Blinds for Single Studio Type Pad -Tomas Morato, Quezon City

The general perception of single men or women might be all about carefree lifestyle with little attention to detail, but a lot of people like our client wanted to show some unique design that embraces classiness and modernity even if the space is limited.

A great way of giving a fresh and unique look to your room is adding an attractive looking window treatment.  Some of the popular way to add creativity to your window blinds is using multicolored style window blinds that can instantly brighten up even the most boring and simplest of rooms.  Blinds that are made of slats such as vertical and venetian blinds are one of the most flexible window treatments since you can personally choose which layout and combination of colors to match your own personal taste that can liven up and enhance your room interior design.

Tri-Color PVC Vertical Blinds Combination : Interior Design Ideas - Taguig City

Tri-Color PVC Vertical Blinds Combination : Interior Design Ideas – Taguig City

One of our clients in Taguig City chooses to use a tri-color PVC Vertical Blinds (as opposed to the more usual two-toned color) on some of their windows to increase the creativity appearance of the room and boost its energy. They combine white, brown and peach vertical slats in one panel of the windows. Although these colors cannot be expressed as something powerful, they suit our client’s overall room design.

When buying an accordion door as a room divider or even a bedroom or bathroom door, there are always a lot of things to consider.  Firstly, it’s important that you understand what you need for your home and the characteristic of each type.  There are lots of different kinds of accordion available today that are made up of different types of materials i.e. metal, wood, PVC, and many more. All of them have their own pros and cons and different appearances.

Half Glass French Accordion Door as Room Partition - Metro Manila Installation

Half Glass French Accordion Door as Room Partition - Metro Manila Installation

One of the most affordable and leading accordion door today is made up of PVC, but the PVC accordion door also has different varieties.  French and Deluxe are the most popular types in the PVC accordion door that most customers choose.  Since French and Deluxe accordion door are both made of PVC, they are almost the same in terms of durability.  Both are also easy to maintain and can last for a very long time.  The biggest difference between French and a deluxe accordion door is the appearance.

The design and color of your walls in your house is an important part in creating your house’s interior because it gives an advantage and a huge effect in transforming your space dimension and appearance.  It can improve the ambiance and feel of a room.  A dramatic room can be softened and have a lively atmosphere with light wall covering and for a large spacious room a dark color with striking pattern wall can instantly make it feel cozy.

Plain white has always been the traditional house paint that can still be seen in a lot of homes today — so, how does your home compare and standout when you have the same wall setup and color?  A lot of alternative way can easily be found to create a unique house design.  If you want something to spice up your dull and boring white wall, here are some of the tricks you can apply like our client in Mandaluyong City did to make their surroundings standout.

Spice Up your White Plain Wall with Patterned Wallpaper - Mandaluyong City

Spice Up your White Plain Wall with Patterned Wallpaper - Mandaluyong City

One of the best alternative to the familiar traditional paint that can spice up your wall covering is the vinyl wallpaper.  It has the ability to transform the interiors of one’s home into a lively environment depending on tastes and pursuits of the owner/s like our client.  One of the benefits in using wallpaper over paint perhaps is the huge variety of decorations you have.  With wallpaper you can choose from hundreds of patterns, colors and design available in the market today that makes it easier for you to decide which one to go for.